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What else will you find at Charlie’s? We’re full of surprises…..

Model Zeppelin 
If you look above the bar you will see an amazing 3D printed model of the Graf Zeppelin. It was designed and built from scratch using original archive blueprints to an exact scale of 1:100.  It was printed by local product designer and customer Phil Candy. Each of the 8 main sections took 40 hours to print and was done at home in his shed. This remarkable model also includes scale figures and internal lighting. 


1920s Car
As you may or may not know, we love to change the kids’ installations every few months, and this month we’ve got a 1920s Car, complete with steering wheel and gearstick, by Matt Brown. The car is hand made and you can even sit in the front or back.


Cable Car
Every cafe needs its own 1950’s cable car, right? Well, we thought so and so we looked in all four corners of the earth, and finally found a guy in Germany who said he had one – luckily for us! His name is Knud, and thanks to him this rare 1950’s aluminium ski gondola was shipped over – exclusively for us. It was actually used in the 1950’s in Austria and now it is a great place to sit in and relax. If you look inside you can see some original photographs of it in use, back in its heyday.

Secret Cupboard (Alice in Wonderland!)
Look out for the secret cupboard in the café! We asked local artist (and regular customer) Jonny Boatfield, if he could help us make a secret cupboard and he did not disappoint! If you look in the corridor you’ll find a small hole in one of the cupboards where you might recognise a certain fictional person. Jonny is also responsible for some of the amazing drawings you will see on the ceiling, on our menus and even on this newsletter.


Train table
We had an – perhaps crazy - idea that our customers could drive a model train while tucking into a great tasting pizza (of course!) So what did we do? Matt Brown to the rescue once again. We bribed him with our delicious pizza and again he did us proud. This amazing table has its own working controller, 3D printed by Phil which allows you lucky lot to practice your train driving skills while enjoying your fabulous